In the soup – if it is possible to be in love with soup, I have fallen


When I started making carrot soup just a few weeks ago, I did it with some trepidation. As I wrote at the time (with the full carrot soup recipe), I do not even like carrots very much, so making a whole soup from it seemed ambitious (too much work for no payoff) and foolhardy (a waste of time, resources and so many carrots!). How wrong I was. It was, if nothing else, a lesson in how different foods can taste and be experienced in completely different ways depending on how you handle them. I love pumpkin-curry soup, but I am confident in saying that carrot soup has surpassed pumpkin as my favorite (and good thing since carrots are readily available all the time, and cheap, while pumpkin is quite hard to come by).

My carrot soup experience was also a lesson in giving all things a second chance. I am generally a stickler for no second chances on anything. Most often this is the best policy. That said, after making and eating several batches of velvety smooth, delicately spiced carrot soup, I think a careful revisiting of the “second chances” policy is in order.

I finished up the last batch and have moved on to a much less thrilling broccoli soup, but it will still be lovely. Like most soup.

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