Baked Goods: Drought


Times became busy (lots of springtime travel), and I have not baked in ages for all my lovely colleagues. Then a heat wave hit… and there was no way I would have turned on an oven.

Rest assured, baking will return.

Meanwhile I will just listen all summer to nice music (“Beyond Belief” by the incomparable Elvis Costello plays right now).

4 thoughts on “Baked Goods: Drought

  1. TartanLad

    His best music came late Seventies and early Eighties. I manged to copy some of his records onto my PC using a USB turntable and you still get the authentic crackles that you would with vinyl.I like a lot of his early stuff with Accident Will Happen being my favourite.

  2. wolfeel

    I heard Elvis Costello throughout my youth but did not really start listening until 1988 or so. Have not had enough yet.

  3. TartanLad

    My uncle used to play Elvis Costello records all the time when i visited him as a youngster. It wasn't until years later that i began to appreciate his music.

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