E18 and autumn baking


Elation is not something that comes easily to me. The other night while driving home via E18 toward Stockholm, though, I was giddy with joy when I realized that the detour-through-Askim scheme that had rerouted all E18 traffic into a tiny town full of tight roundabouts was finally at an end. (At least for now.)

Now that colder weather is upon us, I find myself baking even more. Today I brought seven varieties of baked stuff to the office (lemon bars, gingersnap cookies, the famous white chocolate macadamia cookies, mini cheesecakes, dark chocolate mini tarts, raspberry oat bar cookies (also called matrimonial bars, for some reason I am too lazy to research at this moment) and some basic cookies with chocolate-covered toffee candy smashed to smithereens and mixed in (think Heath bar, Skor bar or Daim, for example)).

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