Baking extravaganza: The nose knows


When people come into my office, sometimes because I tell them on Facebook or in Skype messages that there are cookies in my office, but sometimes because they are lured there by the smell of baked goods lingering in the office hallways, they always ask me which cookies are best. What do I recommend? As I have written, I am not a big fan of any of these things, so I do not know what to tell them. Everyone has his or her own taste, after all. One person thinks cheesecake is to die for while others find it to be heavy, disgusting, too creamy or what have you. Personal preference plays a big role. And I prefer none of these goods.

Part of what literally disgusts me, I realized while driving through the winding country roads near my house, is that once I have spent some time baking, my nose becomes filled with the scent of creamed butter and sugar. There are worse smells in the world, for sure, but this scent permeating everything… my hands, my nostrils… is one of the biggest reasons I am not at all interested in eating the things I bake once I am done. I am so disgusted by the smell of the butter and sugar together that the idea of putting it in my mouth is really the last thing I would want to do.

That said, butter and sugar can thus attach themselves to everyone else's asses (mine definitely does not need this).

Cookies in the office on Wednesday/Thursday:

3 thoughts on “Baking extravaganza: The nose knows

  1. Su-Tra

    Hi Erika,your cake looks so delicious.Too bad I would like to try something!I think your friends can eat these delicious cookies and cakes like and do not get enough of it.Greetings :p

  2. wolfeel

    Amber, you are probably one of the only people who has understood me about this, i.e. not really being interested in eating the majority of this stuff. Both in general and for a specific reason (you having worked in the bakery and me having become overwhelmed with disgust by the smells). Haha. Now that I think about it, I find cake to be very strange. I do not make it very much to take to work since it is hard to transport and harder to serve. If I go down that road, I usually make cupcakes and have mostly given up the powdered sugar-butter-flavor frosting and gone over to Swiss buttercream (heated egg whites-white sugar beaten into fluff-flavor-butter). Much lighter, fluffier, less sweet and less "grainy" (not that traditional buttercream is really grainy but for some reason it always seems like it is to me… one of those weird texture issues). Alas, I still hate frosting but at least believe the Swiss buttercream thing is preferable.

  3. joiedebruit

    I worked in a bakery for a few months when I was 19. It took YEARS before I could deal with eating any sort of sweet baked good, excluding my own homemade chocolate chip cookies that I only made about once a year. I had never been big on sweets in the first place, really. These days I enjoy a handful of very specific things like cheesecake, maybe three kinds of cookies and sometimes pie. I still hate cake and anything with frosting. I think I mostly just like LOOKING at such things at this point. I know that if I were in front of this table of sweets, I'd probably stuff my face, though, haha. White chocolate macadamia nut cookies and cheesecake get me every time.

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