Recipes: Why buy the cow?


Certainly you have heard the saying "Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?" (Well, if she is laughing, à la Vache qui rit, then you should buy a whole lot!)

Sometimes I would liken this collection of recipes, and my constant supply of baked goods to friends and colleagues, to tired expressions like this one about the poor, sad cow (la vache qui pleure?)… why should anyone make these baked goods him/herself when I do all the work and they get it for free? Or worse yet, to "fish out" (groan) another tired and lame expression, I think of the one about teaching a man to fish versus feeding him. The blogged recipes and my providing cookies are a lot like the debate between teaching a man to fish or giving him cookies that will only feed him for one lazy afternoon in the office. (Perhaps I can give the lazy eater something more lasting, such as heart disease or diabetes or a plump ass.)

Having said all of this, framing it as though I would rather teach someone to bake than supply the goods, I really love to bake and prefer concentrating my efforts. However, I have somehow been roped into teaching a group of colleagues how to bake some basic cookies. I am NO teacher, so this should be… comical at best. This "course" (I use this term loosely) will occur next week. I am ambivalent. I am kind of hoping, as one of my colleagues joked with me today, that someone will shake things up by turning up to the course totally sloshed and belligerent. Haha. Maybe this is my sick, unevolved sense of humor.

Time to get back to Halloween baking.

3 thoughts on “Recipes: Why buy the cow?

  1. ShallowMuse

    Haha! High five to that! Jerks spoil baked good with their… well, jerkiness. Cupcakes and cake are holy things, sacred even. :left:well, in my world!:lol:

  2. wolfeel

    I did once have a mission with my baking. You wrote in a comment earlier about having a specific day when you made cakes or something to that effect… Tuesdays? I used to have a total jerk colleague when I lived in the US, and soon after I started working there, I overheard him saying he needed to lose weight for his upcoming wedding but could not resist baked goods. Naturally I made it my mission to prevent him from losing weight (only because he had been so very rude and unpleasant before). I instituted a plan (cookies twice a week and every Friday was "cake Friday"). Haha.

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