I refuse to “winterize” myself. I will winterize my car, but I am fine until the temperature dips below -20C. Until that time, I will wear a jacket, skirts/dresses and not cover my legs. End of story.

I brought many baked goods to work today, braving a sort of wind/snowstorm that dumped quite a bit of snow on Sweden yesterday. I spent 30 minutes clearing my car of snow and loading up all the baked goods. I drove cautiously (rather than like an angsty speed demon teenage boy like I usually do) to ensure that these cookies would make it to Oslo. The roads in Sweden were still a nightmare when I left; meanwhile the roads in Norway were completely clear, for which I am quite grateful.

On offer today: mini pecan pies, white chocolate macadamia cookies, chocolate cookies with mint bits, the universally unpopular matcha shortbread and some chewy lemon cookies.

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