the last hoorah: no more mr (ms) nice guy


This weekend is the last hoorah of 2010 baking. Someone declared last week, upon receiving a parcel of cookies, “You are too nice!” Recognizing the truth in this (especially with emphasis on the use of “too”), I countered, “Take advantage while you can. My New Year’s resolution is to stop being nice. Entirely.”

I am too nice, and I am a doer. Someone said to me that he should become a doer like me. But I explained that he will have many hurdles to jump to become a doer like me (and I am not even half motivated — I have wandered through much of my life the last three years in a kind of fog of finding ways to survive without really living most of the time).

I need to stop being nice (or at least stop being “too” nice) and do more. That is, do more of the things I have long resolved to do that are not remotely about being nice to other people. Maybe I will spend my time just staring out the window at wild animals wandering through my yard.

I may bake a few more things (actually I have to, for Thanksgiving, of course)… but nothing more for the consumption of coworkers near and far. Maybe by 2011 my addiction to baking will return but as the year draws to a close I have different priorities.

Meanwhile, I have made Anzac biscuits, oatmeal-raisin sandwich cookies, peanut butter cups, Canadian butter tarts, ginger snaps, gingerbread, Russian tea cakes, thumbprints, white chocolate cranberry pistachio biscotti, M&M cookies, white chocolate macadamia cookies and lemon poppyseed shortbread sandwich cookies. Mostly these are finished but some are just dough chilling in the fridge. Pics and recipes to follow soon.

For now I leave you with some blurry, bad pics of deer in my yard (I had to snap them quickly through a closed window — did not want to scare the deer away). This was just when they were all about the spring away into the wilderness again, but they spent a long time in my yard (five of them together!) eating and looking around. One tried to go inside my military bunker. 🙂 I loved it.

9 thoughts on “the last hoorah: no more mr (ms) nice guy


    Oh, I sure hope you can figure something out, I'm dying to try some of your baked goods ! I could live off pastries and desserts, 😀 :yes:

  2. wolfeel

    Well thanks for … thinking I would have the talent and wherewithal to entertain people on TV. I really don't see it — one needs a bit more charisma and personality on TV than I think I could ever muster, but it is very heartwarming to know that some people think it's a good idea. 🙂 Thank you.I have been contemplating setting up a website and offering some of the cookies that are easiest to mail (and still have them be good and intact when they arrive) for sale. I have not really had enough time to think about this in great detail, but now I am on vacation and might give it a bit more thought. 🙂


    Just messing with you, I know that picture is you, and I keep checking my mail,and my tarts and cookies must have gotten lost LOL


    You would be great on tv, if that is your real picture, you are not only talented, but beautiful as well and I HATE YOU. jUST KIDDING. Seriously, I really wish I could buy some of those desserts Can you sell them online somehow ? A website where people can order and get it shipped to them? Pleeeeease

  5. wolfeel

    i think any kind of tv or media would, um, be very weird. no being on tv for me! if i did have a baking program, i would try to teach people about multitasking… how to bake ten kinds of cookies in one day. haha.

  6. Lazeeitus

    ~In the uk there are chefs aplenty on the tv – at first sight i thought you were involved in a similar media : you would be a success & revelation if you was on tv ! Ps; your work colleagues are fortunate~

  7. wolfeel

    Yes there is this kind of strange military bunker in my yard… maybe will post a picture one day. But I have a bunch of outlying buildings on the property… one of them is this underground bunker sort of thing.Baking is a hobby so no one pays for the cookies (although have been thinking of starting a subscription service, i.e., people can order a dozen of a specific type). I can, however, when bringing them to work, expense the ingredients and call it "morale building" expenses and if baking for a work event count the time spent as work time.


    I am wandering the same thing, these wonderful treats sound too good for just a hobby, if you aren't in business, you should be! And the bunker?

  9. ShallowMuse

    Do the people at work pay you for all the cookies? Like, give you money for ingredients etc? Cos it sounds like it could be costly in the end! 'One tried to go inside my military bunker.'Military bunker?! Please explain! 😆

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