Back into baking


I am thinking of baking some things this weekend, but I will have to go out and get all the ingredients. I have for one of the first times in my entire adult life allowed myself to run out of almost all baking ingredients. What fresh hell is this?

I marvel again and again (every time I try to cook in fact) at what a terrible cook I am. I can bake like a genius (yes, slight exaggeration there), but cooking is an entirely different story.

If I plan to bake to the scale I most enjoy (industrial amounts) I really need to find a constant supply of some of the harder-to-find or too-expensive-in-Norway ingredients, like white chocolate chips. In fact ALL chocolate chips are either insanely expensive or in short supply here (ONE of these small 12-ounce/340-gram bags of white chocolate chips in Oslo would cost me about 10 USD today).

Enough lamenting and on with the day…

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