cash is king?


I went to a store in Oslo the other day, and when I tried to pay, they could not accept a cash payment. They apparently had no access to their change drawer, so they needed me to pay with a card. My Swedish bank card does not always work in Norwegian stores, so I usually just take out cash and never use a card in Norway at all. Who would ever have guessed that I would be denied the right to use cash?

I cannot find tart dried cherries. Or any dried cherries. Cranberries are fairly standard and even dried blueberries are available most of the time. But where are the cherries? I had a baking plan that is partially foiled by this missing ingredient.

One thought on “cash is king?

  1. proiii

    I do not like cherries all the rest of the berries are good. Some day soon we will be a cashless society – world. it's kinda scary.

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