The sales seminar I attended in Norefjell a few weeks ago was like living for a week in hell. I don't know why I have this kind of allergic reaction to these events, but they have the opposite effect on me that they should.

To prepare for the seminar, I volunteered to help my friend (who organized the seminar) get things ready, including the "welcome" bags containing snacks and the like. Last year was a lot more work, but this year was still a challenge. We put Norway's best potato chips in the bags (the bulk amount we bought made it look like we were turning our room into a mini convenience store):

We also added a Norwegian chocolate snack, Kvikk Lunsj, which is not too terribly dissimilar to KitKat.

Views from our room:

Although this seminar was not my cup of tea, someone did come to my rescue and save my sanity every evening (even if in words only). I am not going to forget that, even if I should. (Merci beaucoup.) Sometimes the most valuable thing a person can do for another is just to be there for them (regardless of whether that is by their side or across the world).

Soundtrack du jour (one of my favorite songs ever): Martha Wainwright – "Far Away"

"I know that we've never met before, but that was then, and now I need you more…"

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