psychic soundtrack


You don't have to be psychic to see exactly how things are and know exactly what is going on. People imagine themselves to be very sneaky and surreptitious but the signs are all there to read as clear as day. I suppose you have to be the right kind of person to see the signs at all and to know the language they are written in.

Soundtrack du jour (for those just beginning to see the light of what is true versus what they want to believe): The Velvet Underground – "Beginning to See the Light"

I have a postcard in my office of the late artist/musician (formerly of Velvet Underground) Nico and Dutch artist Jan Cremer. I am not entirely sure where it came from. One of my colleagues asked if they are friends of mine, and was thinking it funny that I would have friends who stand around looking cool and posing like that. Haha.

You can play nice and innocent all you want. You can ignore until you have no alternatives and need someone to use. You can feign interest at key points. But you're not fooling me.

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