rain, rain, go away


In the years I have lived in Norway and Sweden, I have never seen much in the way of summer. It seems to rain a lot. Even more than Seattle (and Seattle is famous for rain — although I think a lot of that is self-perpetuated by locals trying to keep non-locals away). It would be a perfect day to offer up baked goods, but alas, I have none. I will instead walk in the downpour to the coffee place to meet one of my dearest friends and her baby and will listen to loud music all the way there. It will include but not be limited to my soundtrack du jour (maybe it would be truer for me to say "soundtrack du hour" since I change the soundtrack constantly throughout the day).

Today's choice: Smith Westerns – "Still New"

"I wanna tell you you're hard to resist…"

Why is it that people from the past always come back to haunt, by the way? Curiosity? Boredom? Desperation? Weirdness? Lingering attachment issues? Years can go by, and these characters will emerge (and re-emerge). What are they hoping to accomplish?

As I said to a friend with regard to these appearances, in some cases, I thought it might bring back a lot of emotion that I may have suppressed. But funny thing about suppression … eventually the feeling really does go away entirely without my noticing that forcing it down choked it. It is strange how some feelings linger on and some just die a quick and almost painless death.

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