“we’ve pretty much got it made”


This song has been lingering in my mind for a few months, but has taken on more significance lately.

"There's a burden in our blood, dear
But I'm not a afraid
And there's a war within my heart here
But I'm not afraid, no, I'm not afraid
Cause I've got you
We've pretty much got it made"

Today's soundtrack: Joshua Morrison – "Carbon Copies"

2 thoughts on ““we’ve pretty much got it made”

  1. fusedhead

    Why, as the world spins, do I stand?You are never aloneStill as the leaves, when there is no wind,Why does it hurt so much?When everything you believe in, feels right,Why am I falling?When everything around me is rising with the sun,Why look for pain?When there is none,Is heaven a place on Earth?Or does it come from the heart,Every breath I take, is another fire, burning up inside,I know that sometimes the truth hurts, but don’t ever let it slide.Am I the only one, who takes pride in the little things?The colour of the sky at dawn,The feeling, knowing you’ve got something to give,Even though they spit in your fire,The freedom to run the waves, whenever the time is right,The joy, of taking pride in who you are,Even though they try and scar,The flame of the candle, dancing in the window pane,You are fulfilled; you have nothing more to gain.Is there another part of me?A part I do not know,Whatever the future holds, I cannot tell yet,But I can now see the glow,A shimmer of light,A glimmer of hope,In everything I do.Feel every moment you live,For you do not know,When the sun will stop rising,Become who you were born to be,For everyone is here for a reason,Discover the meaning of life,You will know when you’ve found it,The warm heart, and sound of tiny toes,Pitt-pattering on the floor,The sound of giggling and laughter,Where there was none before.Feel love, when you give,Not only when you get,I ask for one thing,Don’t leave this world yet,You have many more things to discover,The light is upon you,And remember…You’re never alone.

  2. gargoyle38

    This is knockout beautiful….And a reminder, sometimes it just takes someone turning around and smiling….

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