On offer


Like Santa Claus (as one friend said) or just some crazy grandma who bakes too much, I have returned to the office bearing the fruits of my baking labor.

Brownie-stuffed chocolate chip cookies

Brownie-stuffed peanut butter cookies (recipe to be posted later)

M&M cookies

White chocolate macadamia cookies

Soundtrack du jour: EMA– “The Grey Ship”

There is a certain melancholy to this that I really enjoy.

“When you see that ship
It is the ship you can’t see
When the grey ship calls
It is calling for me
I thought it would come from
I thought it would come from further North than that

Blue sky is silver blue
Sky is grey when the grey ship calls
I am leaving today
I thought it would come
I thought it would come”

2 thoughts on “On offer

  1. 0x29a

    Bah! The song reminds me of another so bad, but I just can't think of it. Maddening. Maybe it reminds me of a couple different songs. Either way, it's great.

  2. 0x29a

    I've figured it out. Parts of the melody reminds me of parts of this Wolf Parade song
    And parts of Cowboy Dan

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