the (down)shift


My PC is dying a slow death, and I might become the highest form of hypocrite of all and switch to Mac. I said I never would, but humankind is nothing if not fickle. The most vehement declarations one day crumble the next. Something might “shift” in us (I think I should start keeping track of that), but that shift is neither strong nor sticky enough to be permanent. We are weak and always worse for the wear when we cannot be true to (or do what is best for) ourselves.

I am meditating thoughtfully about whether to acquire a standard stationary bicycle or go for the spinning kind. The spinning bikes are considerably more solid in their construction and offer a far more basic, similar-to-road-riding experience. Still, internal debate goes on.

Next week, I return to baking. Tempted to do the ever-popular white chocolate macadamia cookies, a variation on butterscotch-cashew cookies and possibly another go at the Samoa cookies that were such a hassle the first time around (is it worth it?).

Soundtrack (thanks to AurĂ©lien): “In the Pines” – Widowspeak

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