That day is done


The baking extravaganza ended well… all cookies baked and packed by a team of PR people. The baking assistant, who was amazing, and I went out into the pouring rain and went to stay in an apartment in Oslo for the night (so she would have, as a tourist, a better chance to see some sites). Fingers crossed that the weather improves tomorrow for her wanderings.

A calm clarity has overcome me now; a singular determination. My head and heart were filled with doubt and second guessing, but again, it all goes back to listening to my instincts (and needs), which have been screaming the same things at me since June (I chose not to listen very closely). Some sliver of optimism kept wanting to sneak through and survive the reality of being in the trenches, so to speak. I know perfectly well, though, what comes next, what needs to come next.

It's a creepy place, creepy people.

3 thoughts on “That day is done

  1. gargoyle38

    o. oh. o dear. Well, over the top. [Unusual to see anyone else referring to being in the trenches]…fragment of a dream?

  2. wolfeel

    Actually the creepy place, creepy people comment had nothing to do with the workplace or colleagues. I don't actually remember why it was said. 🙂

  3. gargoyle38

    Oh, well I bet my work mates are creepier than your work mates, betcha, betcha, if the subj is work mates.

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