No condition(s)


I am in no condition or state of mind to write much of anything. Baking related or otherwise. I actually feel constricted, as though conditions have been wrapped so tightly around me that I cannot move.

You would think that when someone is making a last-ditch effort, particularly at honesty, they might try it by putting their best foot forward. Yet no, somehow they find the will, desire, courage only when they are really at their worst, in a state in which you have no desire to see or hear them. Their last-ditch effort in fact becomes the catalyst for casting off all the last vestiges of hope.

"I am a liability," it was once stated. As I have written before, when someone tells you who he is, believe him.

One thought on “No condition(s)

  1. gargoyle38

    Well, sometimes there is just getting around being a little crazy about the "wrong person."The issue becomes one of survival, not love,and I know you are a survivor, baker:I just hope for you it all clears sooner than later.

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