Cookies made before and shall be made again…


I will soon post some pics and recipes for cookies I recently made that had not been written up in this blog at any time in the past. But for now, here are some cookies and reminders about their recipes that were made for the penultimate bake of 2011. Happily, I received my shipment of household goods from Iceland this week, so I have been reunited with my beloved KitchenAid mixer, which should aid my baking efforts to an immeasurable extent (believe it or not, in keeping with my 1860s persona, I have been, up to now, mixing everything by hand).

Russian tea cakes: Is that powdered sugar I see, or snow… or “fucking cocaine“?

Chocolate biscotti: Given my poor photog skills, a colleague imagined that these were green; in the absence of mint flavoring and coloring, he figured he might skip the mold…

Snickerdoodles: With festive Christmas-colored sugars

Ginger cookies (gingersnaps): Pretttttty, prettttttty, pretttttttty pathetic without molasses… (though I did use fresh ginger)

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