sukkuladihjupadur lakkris


Yes, súkkulaðihjúpaður lakkrís. That’s a mouthful, figuratively and literally. Chocolate-covered licorice, a national Icelandic passion. When I come back from Iceland, I bring a lot of this kind of thing back for people who ache and hunger for the stuff. I give it away, as I would sooner die than eat licorice myself. That said, I kept some of these small chocolate-covered licorice baking pieces to experiment with cookies.

I used my standard M&M cookie recipe and just substituted M&Ms with the licorice nastiness.

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  1. 0x29a

    Originally posted by wolfeel:

    the licorice nastiness.

    LOL! That's awesome. Licorice is nasty. The idea of baking it in to cookies is nauseating.

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