Dreaming, sleeping, nightmares and quality of sleep


I was using a very stiff memory pillow and found that I slept well enough but did not sleep deeply (but did wake up feeling rested and well). When I switched back to a normal and far-too-soft pillow, and slept on my left side, I had incredibly deep sleep (too deep, really), awakened feeling groggy and badly rested and had vivid, crazy nightmares. I realized, upon thinking about this, that this is actually always the case. It seems that some combination of sleeping with this bad pillow while on my left side (and only the left side) triggers this reaction. In last night's nightmare, a wall in my bedroom burst open and water covered the floor. There were tiny baby mice mixed into this wave. It was completely disturbing and disgusting.

I broke free from the throes of the depressing film festival and watched stuff like The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and Parenthood (which I don't love but like better than I expected to. Maybe because it's a Jason Katims show, and he's responsible for Friday Night Lights, which I still miss sometimes). I have also been watching House of Lies, which has been an entertaining look into the world of management consulting.

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