Wording, branding and reinventing


I do not like the words whitelist and blacklist. At all.

The idea of a mark or brand, something one applies to their livestock, seems a funny thing to associate with… but I suppose it is apt. A brand owner wants to burn its mark into you as a consumer permanently.

And these brands we enjoy and use and ascribe qualities to do sometimes have an impact on our lives. The advertisers plant an idea, and we project our experience onto the objects and brands. Memory is a powerful thing.

Bad brand
Mountain Dew will need a new brand strategy now: A very appetizing story!

MMMM. I love dead mice and flame retardant ingredients in my beverages!

Brand yourself…
In much the same way that a brand remains true to some of its values, while still changing, we can change our own personal brand. We are always capable of reinventing ourselves and stepping outside ourselves at any time.

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