New York baseball, Gary Carter and world hopping


Jumping from place to place, day to day.

The other day, I talked at length about the New York Mets, Darryl Strawberry (and his problems) and my childhood baseball-card collection. I was never a real collector, but I chose my baseball cards based on how tall the players were, how wide their noses were, how big their smiles were. I ended up with more than a few Strawberry cards – he was both tall and well-endowed in the nose department. Randy Johnson (extremely tall and a rather snarled nose). Joe Carter (Toronto Blue Jays era) – one-million-watt smile. Gary Carter – also a huge smile. I think of this now because Gary Carter died Thursday at the age of 57. Sad.

(I love hard-luck cases, so I still support the Seattle Mariners. But the New York Mets are more or less a hard-luck case, too. And I would love them if for no other reason than because I hate the New York Yankees so vehemently.)

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