Interconnectivity and winding path of TV actors


“Are you calling me a coward?”
“No, what I’m calling you is a television actor.”
Arrested Development

Especially during busy times, I stream television shows all the time. If it is not some kind of network tv show, it’s news (whether alternative American, mainstream Swedish or pretend, à la The Daily Show). Last night I watched Body of Proof, which is not a great show but fills the time and the background quiet. Dana Delany is the star of this particular show, and I am always amazed by the ridiculous wardrobe her character (and to some extent, another main character, played by Jeri Ryan) wears. The shoes in particular. Does a medical examiner go to crime scenes wearing shoes that can barely be walked in, shoes that cost a few thousand dollars a pair?

In this particular episode of Body of Proof, Robert Picardo was the guest star. Dana Delany used to be on a show called China Beach with Robert Picardo, who was also one of the leads. And then of course Jeri Ryan once starred in Star Trek: Voyager alongside Robert Picardo. It always seems strange to think how all these actors can be connected to each other. I suppose this is where the whole Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game was born.

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