The Last Farm short film: A new meaning to DIY


Years ago at a film festival in Iceland, I saw the short film The Last Farm (Síðasti bærinn). It has been years since I saw it and stumbled recently upon a link to the film and watched it again. It is as stark and arresting (both visually and in the simple storytelling) as when I originally watched it. Nothing like taking matters into one’s own hands.

Meanwhile I have been thinking about furniture, home improvements and sitting in the sun during my few moments of free time. Spring came mercifully early to the Nordics this year, and I am eating it up. Speaking of eating, I love discovering amazing places in hidden spots. Recently stumbled on Grön Ko in Säffle (which is sort of the middle of nowhere), and I am in love with it. I am always looking for ways to get more local, non-processed foods. I long for more vegetables and herbs, but it is also nice (if bothering with meat) to source it somewhere that is not a faceless, vast grocery chain.

Also speaking of eating, there will be a big bake coming up shortly.

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