6 thoughts on “Friday is cupcake and cookie day for Oslo

  1. annelisek

    In the stress before the party I didn't dare to make something new – so I decided I need to buy a cupcake pan and try it one of the coming weekends. And after seeing all your latest stuff I really need to try more of your cakes! Will let you know if I have better luck this time… ;)Thanks again, so lucky to have you as a colleague!!

  2. wolfeel

    hi again… personally my favorite cake recipe to make is: http://my.opera.com/wolfeel/blog/2009/01/31/baked-goods-in-b2b-basic-chocolate-cake it is chocolate and maybe not the easiest recipe (not that it is hard but it has a couple of extra steps, like separating eggs and whipping the whites to fold into the cake batter, which is a bit unusual). the recipe here is technically for a cake, which you prepare the same way but just put the batter into a cupcake pan with paper liners and adjust the baking time (a pan of cupcakes might take 20 minutes rather than the 45+ mins for a cake). it is sort of trial and error, depending on your oven, etc.

  3. annelisek

    I'll try my best not to run away with everything you bring tomorrow and serve it to the kids… 😉

  4. annelisek

    Dear goddess of cookies and cupcakes – do you have a hot tip for cupcakes I can make for a kids birthday party this weekend??

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