the price of pumpkin


Never mind the questionable availability of canned pumpkin, let’s focus for a moment on the wild variations in pumpkin prices depending on where you get it.

A regular 15-ounce can of the stuff will probably cost about 2 USD. In Sweden, if I can find it (usually in the “American section” of the grocery store, the same can is priced at 35 SEK (about 5 USD). It is next to impossible to find in Norway, but I found some the other day priced at an unbelievable and outrageous 59.something NOK (almost 11 USD).

4 thoughts on “the price of pumpkin

  1. lstorset

    If you're willing to settle for fresh pumpkin from Europe instead of canned pumpkin from America, you can buy them for e.g. 24.90 NOK/kg at veggie shops (uneuphemistically called "innvandrerbutikker" here). That's almost exactly the US canned price, actually.You'll just need to boil it for 25 minutes or so, that's how I do it when making pumpkin pie.

  2. gargoyle38

    Fascinating. Reminds me, I think I saw the other day, a pack of Marlboro American cigarettes in Oslo would be 15$USD. I tried to compute how much more I would have to earn to live in Oslo the same as I do in the States, and came up with about 6 x, given taxes and cost of living.

  3. balzac

    Susan saw a turkey for well over 300 USD! Admittedly it was large and well treated while it lived but still. Wow.

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