Computer love – computer death – Baking recipes from December


I meant to post the new recipes from my last bake in December a long time ago. But my PC died, taking with it all my recipes. I knew the computer was on its last legs, so I had backed almost everything up, but in a hurry, saved a few recipes and various other documents of little importance on the desktop. Then one day, the computer just died.

I was able to retrieve the data eventually, though, even if the computer/HD is a lost cause for ever running on its own again.

Each year after one final big bake, I tend to go on baking hiatus. Since I don't eat the stuff, I have no reason to be baking. I spend most of December in quiet contemplation, which does not entail baking or seeing any of my army of guinea pigs and lab rats (those who eat the goods). I anticipate the grand re-opening of the Wolf Eel Bakery (what I have come to call my little operation, affectionately, of course) for Valentine's Day or thereabouts. No one can resist a heart-shaped cookie.

Recipes coming up…

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