Lightning strikes – not my kind of marathon


The drive to Gothenburg this morning was a no-visibility situation. From home until I reached a spot about an hour away, there was nothing but torrential rain/hail, bouncing off the pavement – and the entire sky was lit up by lightning. Twice lightning struck so close to the car that the light blinded me.

This following what will probably end up being the only hot/summer-like weekend of 2013. It was the Göteborgsvarvet (half-marathon) this weekend, and of course it was quite hot early on, followed by some hail. Poor runners (many of my colleagues were running). But this is not my kind of marathon.

No baking this weekend. Instead the onset of a kiwi allergy, which has me feeling quite down. First because I have never been allergic to anything – and second because I love kiwi so much.

Sure, life is filled with far worse and more tragic things, but sometimes it is the littlest things that hurt the most.

3 thoughts on “Lightning strikes – not my kind of marathon

  1. avo999

    Wow, the lightning scenario sounds interesting – from far away ;)Hope you can enjoy Kiwi some day again 😉

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