The side dish – tomato green bean mozzarella salad


In the spate of cooking I had to do recently, I needed to come up with easy, random things to serve as side dishes. Me, I seem to have lived the life of a side dish myself. Not the main dish, usually an afterthought. Not feeling sorry – just thinking that's the reality and it is almost preferable to something else. Sometimes side dishes are spicier and more varied (isn't that way people take on "side dishes").

When I made experimental lemon-paprika-cumin chicken the other day, I realized a side dish was needed so decided to throw together an easy cold salad.

Here's what you need:

Fresh green beans (steamed and cooled)
Tomatoes (use any kind – cut up into bite-sized pieces)
Fresh mozzarella (small balls of fresh mozza work well)
Tortellini or some kind of pasta (I used ricotta-basil tortellini, cooked and cooled)
Fresh basil
Some kind of Italian-spiced vinaigrette

Mix it all together – is even better if it has had a few hours to chill and have the flavors blend together.

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