Vertically challenged


My approach to all people is equal opportunity – I don't care if someone is male, female, Asian, unusually tall or anorexically emaciated. Religion, language and all the rest make very little difference beyond how all of these things can of course shape a person's personality and perspective, and as such, make them into the people I now meet – and I either like or dislike that person based on whatever personality or actions s/he conveys. None of it is directly or discernibly race, religion, creed, size, shape, gender, orientation or age based at all.

That said, I am curious about the tendency in the so-called "vertically challenged" to fudge the truth about their height. I have heard of people making false physical claims online where no one can see them, but when people tell you outright to your face that they are XXX cm tall, how is it that their statement is so misaligned with what reality (and a measuring stick) tells?

I recently encountered someone who seriously was standing right in front of me who stated matter-of-factly, "I am just under six feet tall." I laughed inwardly – I am only 170cm myself (or 5 feet, 7 inches), and this guy was MAYBE 5'9" (175cm).

All I could think, and perhaps this betrays some secret discriminatory practice, "You are at least four, maybe five, inches shy of six feet tall. Somehow I think those imaginary inches would make a HUGE difference if we were talking about your penis."

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  1. qlue

    I'm 5'9" myself, and with the vast majority of people being shorter than I am, I find it a disadvantage! The musalahs (prayer mats) at the mosque are made for an average of 5'4" :insane:

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