Halloween cookie time


I always make a mix of cookies and cupcakes, following the principle of “something for everyone”. Despite my attempts to provide variety, it is possible that there is not always something for everyone. I know that people, such as vegans, those allergic to dairy, to nuts, to eggs, to wheat… most of these people won’t find any satisfaction in my baked goods. I imagine I will do something to accommodate these differences, but I don’t seem to ever get around to it.

I used my standard recipe for white chocolate macadamia cookies to make chocolate chip cookies using a package of Halloween chips:

Halloween chocolate chip cookie recipe

Halloween snickerdoodle recipe

Gingersnap cookie recipe

Witch finger cookie recipe

cartloads of halloween cookies

A whole cart of Halloween cookies, from Halloween chocolate chips & Halloween snickerdoodles, to gingersnaps topped with pumpkin spice kisses and witch fingers

full of win shortbread

Halloween shortbread slices

halloween chip choco chip

Orange and brown chocolate chip cookies – autumn & Halloween theme

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