Souk Market Amazing


I finally visited the new Souk Market in Charlottenberg (Norway/Sweden border shopping overload). It was amazing. I was alone in the store, so I could explore the aisles of previously unseen, exotic products from all over eastern Europe and the Middle East/northern Africa – loved it. It was also cheaper in many cases than all the other stores. Fabulous!

It kind of made me sad – thought a lot about Anna, my former colleague who passed away at the beginning of the year, because the store had SO MUCH Polish merchandise. I also found giant tins of poppy seed filling paste, Cheetos (!?), lots of different Lebanese and Turkish stuff – including some cardamom coffee. I did not stay long enough to explore everything, but it was a much-needed taste of diversity. Another good point – there is a suggestion box in the front just as you leave that had a note in Swedish and English asking patrons to write down any products they wanted and did not find because the store will aim to get them.

Downside, rain and +3C turned suddenly to -2C, crazy wind and snow – first real snow… did not make the drive home that lovely, but I am in control. Home safely, surrounded by candles.

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