I cannot trust the weather. I dress for the mess rather than dress for success.

I also think some barriers must be built and caution exerted any time someone announces (verbatim) that he is “not an asshole” and is “not insensitive”. If you’ve got to explicitly announce it, could it possibly have much meaning?

Thirdly, I propose that we all mistrust anything called an “email blast”. Generally these email blast marketing campaigns are … well, a specific kind of activity – but who announces that it is a “blast” externally? I received an email that was literally titled “Monthly Job Blast” or something similar, and by “blast”, we can be sure they were not referring to an explosion or a party. I don’t even like it when the dubious “email blast” is referred to in the workplace when we’re planning such a thing – so why on earth would I want people trying to market to me to do so?

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