Baking progress and other randomness


My overly ambitious baking plan for the weekend seemed best suited as a long list of the recipes, printed out for ease of access – and it’s 21 pages long. I made some progress today but have barely made a dent in the list.

At the same time, I am trying to burn a bunch of CDs and get them ready to mail out as year-end music mixes. I sent out my normal Halloween mixes but had used an unfamiliar CD burner… so most of them only work on PCs. I always make MP3 mixes so they don’t work on older “standard” CD players in any case, but generally modern CD players, assuming people did not jump to iPods and the like, do play them (and of course if one skipped the MP3-compatible CD players, they can upload the MP3s to their computers and put songs they like on their MP3 player. Or they could use their DVD/Blu-Ray player or something). But yeah, I collected enough songs between September and now that I made a year-end mix to accompany the Halloween one (which I am adding to the year-end mix just so that everyone gets the chance to actually hear it if they want to). I HAVE TO – after all, when I saw this year’s Swedish holiday stamps, I was so madly in love and felt like everyone needed to see them, so I bought a truckload of them and must mail things.


It’s my duty – mail things out that are not bills. It generally, I think, brightens someone’s day a little bit. Non-junk mail (sort of, anyway) and physical proof that someone genuinely thought of them and took the time to post something to them.

Suddenly addicted to Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3’s Goodnight Oslo album. I have been loving Hitchcock since I was a kid. On that night – goodnight Oslo and all the other places who might be reading this.

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