“Sixteen calendars with nothing in the frame…” – I need a calendar!


Sixteen calendars with nothing in the frame
You said you’d pencil me in, but you don’t know my name.

Robyn HitchcockSixteen Years

In the old days, my former (boy)friend used to give me a new calendar every year as a Christmas gift. It started off when he made calendars for me – really the best, most personal gift I had or will ever receive(d). Later he sent other calendars, and then we stopped communicating.

I realized that he was the only one looking out for my calendar needs. Last year I lived (somehow) without a paper calendar for the first time in more than a decade. It was tough.

Now I am on the hunt for just the right calendar. At this point, though, any calendar would do. One helpful thing would be a calendar that includes the bloody week numbers on it. Sweden loves to refer to doing activities during week X, and I never know what week number it is.


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