Lipstick Target


I won’t share you…” The Smiths

It occurs to me that it has been a while since I leisurely killed time in an airport duty-free shop. These trips are my normal time for stocking up on all the lipstick I don’t at all need. But the salespeople in the duty-free can see me coming from a mile away – sporting bright fuschia or, more probably, red, lipstick, they undoubtedly believe (and are not wrong) that I am an easy target. I never leave without a new lipstick. One saleswoman at Gatwick actually laughed and called me an “easy mark”.

Tonight I put on some red lipstick for no reason at all. I wasn’t going anywhere, no one was coming here – but suddenly it just seemed to be the salve for everything from dry lips to bruised heart. (Yeah, of course I am exaggerating for effect.)

My next project is to build a treadmill desk – and heaven knows I need to wear lipstick for that! Every occasion is a lipstick occasion.