corporate seminars


I have never been a fan of corporate seminars – multi-day affairs (sometimes literally… affairs) that plop a bunch of people together in some strange location for a few days. I can deal with about 36 hours before my introvert nature takes charge and starts crying out for solitude, quiet and no more bloody workshopping and teambuilding.

The day before and day after the seminar, I chose to stay in Budapest at apartments in the city center. The work thing was at a dated conference center outside the city core – over in Buda. I was misled into thinking it was “way outside the city” but it was only about 3 kilometers, maybe 4. So I walked back into the city, even though it was too hot for me today.

Alas, while I realize the conference facilities were required, hence staying where we stayed, the apartment option is about a million times better.

Glad all of it is over, though. I am so happy I live in Sweden.