Hotel Frustrations


Naturally when I have not had any sleep and have then trudged wearing too many hot clothes in too-hot weather to the center of town, I am staying in an unfamiliar hotel. No less than three times did I have to go back to the front desk because my key was not working in the elevator nor on my room door. Brilliant. Eventually they gave me a different room but the desk clerk accompanied me to make sure the new key would work. Lo and behold – it didn’t! Haha. All the batteries in all the doors are apparently wearing out at once. Normally this would not bother me, and it is not the staff’s fault. But in my tired crankiness, feeling exhausted and far too hot, I just wanted to cry. This after I started off my day in the most killer way – slamming the index finger of my left hand in my car door.

I definitely just need to go to sleep and put today behind me.

On the other hand, I was able to compare someone to Miss Piggy (which was deemed “spot on” by an observer), and that made us laugh – so at least there’s laughing amidst the wee annoyances.

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