Twisted intentions


How’s this for typical?

A bit of background – I own a treadmill desk, which I love – but I want to be able to walk on it for long periods of time. At least half the workday. At least. But it’s not comfortable to wear heavy walking shoes; my normal walking shoes (Dansko clogs) are worn outdoors so too much of a mess to use interchangeably with indoor exercise equipment (and my latest pair is falling apart anyway).

I purposely searched for and bought a very lighter-than-air pair of running shoes. The postman came by my house to deliver them the other day, but I didn’t get to the door in time. I dashed out the door to chase her. Naturally, I twisted my ankle running down the hill; I twisted it to a degree that makes it quite difficult to walk for extended periods of time. Yes, the whole reason I wanted the new shoes is moot. I messed up because I ran to try to get the new shoes.

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