TV: Timing is everything


TV shows appeal to people in different ways – just like everything else (you know how you love, say, Chinese food, and I hate it and want to gorge myself on Indian food, which you hate… well, that’s what I mean. We’ve all got different tastes, no doubt).

With TV, also as with many things that just reach a saturation point, I have noticed, depending on when you jump onboard a specific show, you will feel differently about it. Early adopters of Breaking Bad, for example, sung its praises and loved it. Then mainstream adoption made the show highly visible and much talked about – talked to death, really. People who might have been the sort to adopt early or at least enjoy the show had it not been overblown end up not really liking it – but would they have had they seen it earlier, had they seen it before it became overblown and expectations heightened? If they waited a few years, and all the hype died down, and they just turned it on and watched… what would the experience have been then? I wonder this sometimes because there are shows like that for me – that I joined late (The Sopranos comes to mind here).

If you have the whole show to watch at one time, perhaps long after the show has ended, do you have a different experience and gain a different perspective or take away, than someone who watched episodically, week after week and season by season?