TV crushes? – James Wolk and Kyle Chandler


I don’t even know that I would refer to what I feel for James Wolk and Kyle Chandler as “crushes”. They each have a certain quality that makes me want to see almost everything they are in. Even the stupid stuff. It is the charming, disarming smile. It is the guy-next-door relatability … but the kind of guy you really want to have next door. Still, it’s not a crush in the sense that I would really be interested in either guy. But I like to watch them. A lot. Anyone have a word for this? I don’t have a crush. I am not exactly a “fan”. I admire, I follow, but there are lines I won’t cross. For example, when The Crazy Ones, in which James Wolk had a starring role, became too stupid, I stopped watching. And the entire premise of the dull, forgettable What About Joan? was too maddening to accept, I did not watch it at all, despite Chandler’s role as Joan’s boyfriend.

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