Lunchtable TV Talk: Wayward Pines


Ages ago, as Wayward Pines neared its end, I had planned to write about my thoughts about the show. I never got around to it, and was waiting to see if the show would be renewed (it was kind of designed to be a standalone miniseries season or go on if renewed) – it wasn’t, but by then, I did not care much any more.

Far from perfect, the show – a bit overdramatic, somewhat stupid and uneven, and not entirely clear – was still entertaining. Mostly it was good to see some of the actors (Carla Gugino, Justin Kirk and Melissa Leo, for example) in these roles, and sort of funny to see Matt Dillon. Dillon has had a long career, but I do recall a time when my mom and I were joking about how Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton features “serious actors, not ones like… Matt Dillon” – only to see Dillon on the show a few weeks later. Haha.

So yeah, I have nothing to say about this but think it was a good decision not to continue the show.

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