Finding baking inspirations


While my blog has mostly been hijacked by my ramblings about television, I do occasionally find myself in the kitchen, baking up different treats. It’s sort of weird – last year I was feeling really determined to run away from corporate life and start a bakery this year, but the stuff that happened in the last months of 2014 and early 2015 wiped away ALL inspiration and determination I felt I had. Coming back to work last January after a lengthy holiday, I am honestly not sure if I have ever felt so deflated before in my life. There was no way, given my state of mind and lack of energy, that I could enter into the risky business of self-employment, no matter how much joy baking gave me. And I found baking just was not giving me any joy – nothing was.

I slowly came out of it, but the urge to bake, particularly at the kind of scale I normally go for, went absent without leave. I’m puzzled by this about-face but have nevertheless found ways to make use of my non-baking time.

Still, I had hoped to do a Halloween-themed bake this year (as I have done in previous years), but Halloween fell on a Saturday and I don’t do much in-office time any more, so not too many people for whom to bake.

But this weekend, taking a look at a few inspirational blogs (the always cute and idea-laden Bake It in a Cake and the newly discovered Lemon Sugar), I decided to try out a few of the recipes I found (will chronicle in separate blog posts).

Here’s hoping (at least for those who want to eat sugary things) that my oven sees more action in 2016.

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