Les mots du jour


Today’s words:

  • Swagger
  • Braggadocio
  • Attitude

In other observations, I marvel at what must be the direst of circumstances or worst of tales – something, anything – to explain how individuals escape from what I can only describe as hellish drudgery and endless hamster-on-wheel running only to return willingly.

Remind me to furnish you (any of you) with a firearm with which to kill me if I try to do something similar after I escape.



Sometimes decisions are made for you. Not in the sense that you have no control. More that you turn a decision over and over in your mind and can’t decide. Then push comes to shove, and your decision-making is nearly done for you. In my case, the decision I have long wanted to make appears to be the only right decision. It fills me with peace. Once I accepted this and let go of the nagging doubt, a lot of other pieces that had been up in the air started to fall into place.