One-pot spaghetti wonder


I suppose I am like a lot of people who know they must eat but don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking. I’ve been pretty obsessed lately with wanting spaghetti squash, which I have never seen to buy in Sweden and have not had the foresight, motivation or green thumb to grow for myself. Instead, I will for now stick with regular old spaghetti. Pasta is not my favorite thing, but sometimes it’s a quick fix.

And it’s an even quicker fix when you can whip up the pasta and the sauce all at once in one pot. In 15 minutes, you’re in the money.

You can experiment with what works for you, but here’s my attack plan:

Chop two onions, saute in a generous amount of olive oil. Let them caramelize before throwing in two cloves of sliced garlic and two cloves of crushed garlic. Let this saute for two minutes while stirring, throw in two chopped tomatoes or half a can of crushed tomatoes (whatever you have). Throw in a good amount of salt and pepper, rip up some fresh basil leaves and throw them in. Throw in some spaghetti (uncooked) and then add boiling water and let the whole thing simmer for about ten minutes. Obviously you will need to work out the ratio over water to pasta depending on how much you cook, but it turns out pretty well – is easy, quick and not too bland. You can add more herbs, spices or some parmesan, but I am trying to stay on the vegan side of things in my own cooking/consumption.


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