Lunchtable TV Talk: Black Sails


I am your king” one of the characters in Black Sails sneers in the first episode of the show. A phrase that evokes a fond memory in my own life, but sadly this is the only thing I have taken away from the largely dismal show.

I had no intention of watching this show – I had read mixed reviews, heard mostly negative things from friends, but I am not generally swayed by reviews and discouragement. I just didn’t think pirates in the early 1700s would hold my interest. But then, in these windy, stormy days of August, what else is there?

For the better part of a year, someone close to me has greeted me (as he got quite into the show) with, “Black sails! My big black sails!” This never really tempted me to watch. But here I am. Watching.

That said, I am only on episode 2, season 1… will I make it all the way through?

Update: I gave myself the first eight episodes (the first season) to care/catch on. It never happened, so I abandon Black Sails only one-third of the way through the existing journey (there’s a fourth and final season coming).

Photo (c) 2006 Axel Eng.