Weather: Wait five minutes


Not since living in Iceland have I experienced the wild weather I experienced today. I drove to Gothenburg through the kind of blinding rain that obscures the entire road. The risk of hydroplaning high. Impatient cars fly by, spraying literal sheets of water onto the windshield. Slowing the entire pace of travel. Insane wind. And the sky igniting every few minutes with a show of lightning. By daylight, after hanging around in a parking lot listening to The Stone Roses and chatting with my brother via Facebook, the sun appeared. Later, as I joined a friend for lunch, I parked my car and enjoyed the mild sun, but literally as soon as I turned a corner, really wicked wind whipped up out of nowhere accompanied by torrential rain. I was just steps from the tram stop but was soaked before I reached the little waiting shelter. But less than a kilometer away when I got off the tram, there was bright sun again! What?

Seems that there is sun now but undoubtedly only for the moment.


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