Cold data


Our computers become such security blankets of sorts. Last night everything was going along fine when I left the room, only to return to my Mac blinking at me – white screen with just a file-folder icon blinking away. I tried to repair this but think it’s an internal cable causing the HD to be undetectable/unreadable (at times). Clearly not something I could fix in the middle of the night. Later when I tried to turn it on again, it worked – at least long enough to retrieve all the data I so assiduously promise myself I will back up religiously (every time some near-debacle like this occurs), and then don’t.

As I told someone earlier today – how can I be so fastidious and exacting about so many other things – always following through – but be so sloppy with things like backing up data, especially when this data means so much to me (personally and professionally)?

Perhaps now I must remedy this sheer stupidity, as I have been meaning to do but have not done for so many years. This year I feel like I have finally entered a different space, somehow, where follow-through and perseverance are balanced with more thought and creativity. I have been numb (or semi-numb), going through the motions on so many fronts for such a long time. You would not think that would extend to things like data backups, but in fact it does.