quick misreads & misheards


Like most people, I often skim over things to get the general idea without taking in the actual words. The results can produce a little chuckle.

I saw “Conducting a STOP STICKS Campaign” on the CDC website and, at first, quick glance, I misread it as “Conducting a CHOP STICKS Campaign” and wondered what exactly that would be and why the CDC would promote it.

Then someone shared a screenshot of his food-order delivery tracker, which actually read, “Track your order in real-time”, but which I misread as “Track your ordeal in real-time”. (It was Domino’s pizza, after all, so in fairness, it probably was some kind of ordeal.)

I heard someone say “nurture” but could swear she said “neuter”, which would have been more fitting. Nature v neuter. Haha.

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