aquafaba experimentation: even better than the real thing?


A long time ago I heard that the water you drain off of chickpeas, also called aquafaba, is a good substitute for egg whites in all kinds of things, including meringue. I never tested it out even though I meant to (and often use chickpeas, and all that fabulous water has gone down the drain). My mom mentioned this tip to me yesterday, and was surprised I already knew about it – and also was eager for me to try it out. I happened to notice that someone visited my blog and landed on the page that includes a recipe for espresso meringue cookies (something I have not made since 2009) and also happened to be making vegetable curry (meaning chickpeas were already being used). Nothing wasted: waste not, want not.



So… espresso meringue cookies. The vegan kind. I was dubious. I started beating the chickpea run-off with vanilla and waited. Didn’t look promising at first. But then it all started coming together.

When soft peaks formed, I beat in a sugar and espresso powder mixture that ended up yielding a very nice meringue. And in fact the taste was like espresso – not like chickpea.

Finished product…


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